Friday, July 3, 2009

What Have You Taught Your Children Today? ~"Thavamalar Govindasamy"

Parents are children's first and best teachers. Children learn many things formally and informally from the rest of the world but parents are the only ones whom they look to for learning to live right. The best gift we could give our children is the excellence edge.

It is age old wisdom that children don't do what we tell them to do but they do what we do. Hence the moment we become parents we have to examine everything we do and reengineer ourselves to become the role model of perfection. Everytime we tell a lie, we are teaching our children to lie. Everytime we gossip, we are teaching our children to gossip. Everytime we say negative things we are teaching our children to be negative. Everytime we blame others for something that's gone wrong in our lives we are teaching our children to always blame and never take responsibility.

Parents, I invite you to try this. Everyday when you wake up, ask yourself what you would like to teach your children today. Read a book or an article on the subject and make sure you teach your children the subject. At the end of the day before retiring to bed ask yourself whether any of your actions or words throughout the day have contradicted what you taught your children. If the answer is yes, you have to set out to be more congruent the next day. You will find your character improving tremendously as a result of this practise and your children will also turn out great. They will become very close to you and be more open to discuss anything with you.

Our children are mirrors of who we are.

Let's Be Good Parents!
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