Sunday, July 5, 2009

Smart Malaysian Indian

Dear Friends,

As usual we are looking into our community that facing many social problems.
Where should we start to repair. Look at the basic design that is our childrens.
How do we design their future? As parents do we do all the might that we should?

A big number of parents had failed to Design their Childrens path of life in early 80's
due to that we can see our social problems. Look back into that year (80's) how do
parents brought up their childrens, never guide them well, Yesterday's failure today's

But looking into year 2000 and above the trend are changing, everyone want to bring
up their child in proper way, parents are more becoming their friends, but this should be
a healthy one that can give positive input to the child.

Checking child on what they are doing in schools, college and universities are important.
Their group of friend that in their circle is very important.

Nevertheless there are still many parents in 70's and 80's mode, just leave the plant to grow by it self or pay someone to grow their plant. In this both way no one can get quality plant.
The trend now is just give the money to the child caretaker to grow the child, parents to bz with work.

We should aim in growing smart child, the child should be able to do better every time it grow. It should interact with all kind of people and know where it stands. Knowledge of good matter, Avoiding bad matter, intract, uplift the society around it, multi knowledge and extra positive matters should be given as mineral in to the Child.

Starting from house and continuing it to schools (especially tamil schools) is a good practice. Atleast it can avoid social problem that been created by some irresponsible Malaysian Indian.

Uplifting Tamil Schools !


~"Melvin Raj"

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