Sunday, July 5, 2009

kampung Buah Pala,penang,Where is Indian Unity?

Well put.I share similar views.The real culprits are the Gerakan and the BN cronies.Im surprised why none of the Makkal Sakthi or Hindraf leaders questioning them.The protest against the Penang govt make no sense at all or is there any hidden agenda?.Im very suspicious of the Hindraf leaders.One prominent Hindraf leader with UMNOs support opened a new political party lately,and throwed his support to the BN government.Another leader is in the process of opening one more partyas per todays STAR news paper.We are so handful already flooded with so many Indian base parties, mean to say you could win a seat without associating any prominent political party.My advise is this,try to unite among yourselves than preach us.Dont think Indians are fools and take us for granted.

~"John Raj"

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