Monday, July 6, 2009

Malay Prof appointed as Head Of Indian Studies

What next? If we allow this to pass without a fight, In the years to come,we could expect to see a Melayu take the role of a Brahmin Priest or eventhat of a Pastor.

Jegajothy (Mr.)
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Dear friends

The news about the new appointment of a Malay Prof. as the new Head ofIndian Studies in Universiti Malaya stunned many ... and it may be a newapproach in accordance with the 1Malaysia concept.

With that new approach we may also see more non- Malays , Indians especiallybeing appointed to Head several other departments including the MalayStudies in various Universities .

Academicians are the right people to voice their opinion.

Vesuanathan Suppiah
Kuala Lumpur

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