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Dear friends and Bloggers

Lim Guan Eng who potrait as a savouir of Indian in the last General Election has shown his and his political allies true color by washing his hand on Kg.Buah Pala Land Matter.

To add more salt in the wound,he said Indians always demands more and very hard to satify them. Bravo Lim Guan Eng for accredited such a remarks to us, Indians who fought and ensured your victory in Penang,perak and selangor.
I still don't seem to digest,why we Indian bloggers and columist doesn't forumized this issue and spread Lim Guan Eng's bertrayal to Indians in Kg.Buah Pala and his remarks addressing us as over demanding and unjustified.

He should pay the price for his remarks and betrayal to us. Lim Kit siang,karpal and Anwar whom we trusted and idolized turn the face to us and started to blame us for our demand" hey look so called THE BOSS, we are not over demanding or unjustified, we only asked what belongs to us, Kg.Buah Pala was sold under the new adminstration, and I have all the statutory evidence to prove that so if you want to play politics using our hard earned heritage and rights then you shall get ready for your disastorous ending in coming Election.

We have been victimized in all circumstances. BN or PR end of the day we indians are still in deep shit.

PR even worst, in only 1.5 years of controling, they have neglected the Indians and has not fullfilled any of 2008 election promised to Indians.
So morale of the story is never trusted leaders whom are desperate and threw empty promises to us in coming election, we have to think as a analytical community where we have to analyse technically and logically the contribution,fullfilled manifestos and efforts taken by any parties before we cast our votes, then we would posesses a significant demanding power although we are minority( we have shaken the 52 year old Government) so we are the deciding factor in Malaysian Politics.

Think friends and bloggers ,you can make the differences in our Community.

This is totally my apolitical view.
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