Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Indians : emotional or intuitive society ?

Hi Everyone,
I TOTALLY agree with VJ.
I too feel that our Indians need to have a MAJOR paradigm shift.
Stop expecting things from political drivers.
You have your future in your hands to decide.
How to go about it is another issue.
What needs to be done is for you to find out.
I was amazed how little our Indians know about what to do, how to do and whom to see to get things done. (SAD). Why do you think this is happening?
Purely because every political "driver" has stressed to our Indians that we have to depend on them (follow protocal). Otherwise no one will listen to us and assist.
This I feel is NOT true. I have approached certain departments myself and have been assisted without any setbacks. How's that possible. Well its again the fear created to our people regarding the non response from the relevant departments. Another factor will be the ignorance of our people of knowledge. Every family should instill this crave to seek knowledge no matter what it takes.
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From: kamban05
Indians : emotional or intuitive society ?
Date: Wednesday, 5 August, 2009, 6:07 PM

I was attending some business and education seminars in ipoh . Speaking to the (indian) presenter later on and asked him about the ground responses. He said the response from indians and malays lacking . It seems it's easier to gather indians for demonstration rather than such self-intuitive and self development activities .
This invokes our mind to think what's going wrong . Is our people rely solely on politics ? Is our people reluctant to change ?
Not just about money matters how about knowledge seeking ?
We've seen in this group people questioning and debating on yes or no to invest ASN 1M'sia . This is good debate as when you question it means you're thinking making this a healthy forum .
Perhaps the 'paradigm shift' in mentality has to start from home . Start with your brothers/sisters/ children .
Just remember , neither Anwar nor Najib going to knock every 2mill Indian houses and give away Rm1000 voucher monthly .
Your future in your hands . I always tell my friends , politics is like 'polishing car' . The outlook has to be nice to be tempting to sit in and drive ; but upto you to maintain the engine and other internal mechanics .

Let's stir the fire now for brigther future !


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