Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear brothers n sisters, i understand that some Indian are going thru hard shape in their life but i wonder why Indian always waste thier time by doing hopeless things. We have many ways to come up in our life. First of all Kg Buah Pala land doesnt belongs to Indians (its goverment land) then why fight and insult our Indian community. There are so many oppertunity around but we fail to grab it. Nobody is there to help us unless we help ourself. Residens of Kg Buah Pala should have own the land long long time ago but crying now at last minute. Honestly i dont blame the goverment but we act very slow. Lets think different and create a good image for Indian.

Never the less i have a message for Hindraf ' Pls dont sharp the knifes, insteed sharp our brains'


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